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We've put countless hours into making sure that the coffee we roast is authentic as the way we serve it. Sourcing from four different countries of origin, we have created the signature blends that are the top of their class. Whether you’re at home in your slippers or breathing deep at basecamp, we’re roasting you the best Light, Medium and Dark roast you’ll ever find out there.


We ethically and sustainably source all of our beans ensuring that the farmers and their farming practices are supported in the ways they deserve. We do this to share all of the stoke and love that we put into every cup you brew.


Light Roast: Ethiopia / Costa Rica
Medium Roast: Guatemala / Sumatra
Dark Roast: Sumatra / Ethiopia

The Project (1)


We proudly roast in Boulder, Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We still do all of our roasting by hand using original roasting methods. Writing down our temps and times every 30 seconds to give you incredible character and flavor in every bean you brew


As a company we will always promote and employ positivity, sustainability and love in everything we do. Its what we believe and it’s why we do what we do!


The name says it all. The Dream is our light roast that marries the flavors of blackberry and honeycomb for a smooth feeling of love in your cup. This blend has all of the bright and flavorful notes of a truly great light roast, with an unexpectedly velvety finish.

Dirtbag Description: All the packs are full and the pads are ready to go but you’re still waiting for your buddies to show up from the campsite. No worries, crack open your thermos and take a sip while realizing that you my friend are in fact, living the dream. Now get out there and Find Your Line.


This is the roast that started it all. A richly balanced medium roast with smooth hints of rum and toasted almond that show nothing but love every time you brew. It’s what we brew up in Ol’ Blue everyday and on every summit.

Dirtbag Descripion: The perfect roast for those mornings when you roll out of the back of your van at sunrise and have to put up that 5.11r trad lead in a few hours. Brew up a cup of the Skooch for your partner and soak in the morning sun as you ready yourself for the day's adventures.


Notes of blueberry and cocoa come alive in this full bodied dark roast. You’ve found your coffee soul mate with this roast if you like to start each day filling your lungs with fresh air and your cup with great coffee. Enjoy The Business as a pour over or set the grind to fine and pull the best espresso shot of your life.

Dirtbag Description: It’s your rest day and the sun is out. You set up the crash pad couch and pour everyone a mug out of the French press. As you sit back with all your friends and look out at those ridgelines in the distance, there’s no question, this is The Business.

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