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Carabiner Coffee and Patagonia Team Up

I’m stoked to announce that Patagonia and Carabiner Coffee are officially teaming up! What does that mean you ask? It means Ol Blue and I will be joining the Patagonia Worn Wear campaign on the road this year! Get ready to bring your Patagonia garments that are in need of repair and we will fix them on the spot while you enjoy a glorious brew of Carabiner Coffee! Check out the list of Worn Wear events that Carabiner Coffee will be brewing at as well as the list of potential independent stops along the way! Here is a link to the worn wear campaign’s full schedule and details.

I can’t say enough good things about working with the Patagonia team over the past few months getting ready for this grand adventure. 2 months full of great coffee, great surf, amazing people, climbing, community and some fresh tracks in the backcountry to boot. I am so excited to meet so many of you on the road and share stories, dreams and some delicious coffee. Here is a tentative look at what the Worn Wear + Carabiner Coffee tour will be.

Tour Schedule:

3/12-14 // SLC, UT // Carabiner Coffee at Momentum Climbing Gym

3/15 St // St. George, UT // Open for Event

3/16 // Red Rocks, NV // Carabiner Coffee at Red Rocks camp ground

3/17 // Joshua Tree, CA // Carabiner Coffee at Hidden Valley Camp Ground

3/20 // Santa Monica, CA // Patagonia Worn Wear event at Patagonia Santa Monica : 1344 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401 / 11am-7pm

3/22 // Encinitas, CA // TBA

3/26 // Ventura, CA // Patagonia Worn Wear event at Patagonia HQ with happy hour to follow

3/28 // San Louis Obispo, CA // Open for Event

4/2 // San Francisco, CA // Free coffee tasting at Patagonia San Francisco

4/4 // Yosemite National Park // TBA

4/6 // Tahoe // TBA

4/8  // Ft Bragg, CA // TBA

4/13  // PDX, OR // Patagonia Worn Wear event + Carabiner Coffee

4/14 // Seattle , WA // TBA

4/16 // Vancouver, BC // Patagonia Worn Wear event + Carabiner Coffee

4/17-19 // Seattle, WA // Van to be parked in Ballard Neighborhood : 10am-2pm

4/22-25 // Smith Rock State Park, OR // Patagonia Worn Wear event + Carabiner Coffee

4/26 // Bend, OR // Free Carabiner Coffee tasting at Patagonia in Bend

4/29 – 5/1 // SLC, UT // Carabiner Coffee at Momentum Climbing Gym : 7am-11pm

If you have a request for Ol Blue and I to stop at a specific location along the way, feel free to send me a message with your requests! This is also a great time to announce that all of Carabiner Coffee’s brewing is now done with %100 SOLAR POWER!!! Thanks to our new partnership with Goal Zero, and the help of the Yeti 1250 + Boulder 90 panel we’re now brewing with the power of the sun! A lot of great things are to come in 2016 as well as the opening of Carabiner Coffee’s new head quarters in Boulder, CO scheduled to open mid to late summer. Stay in the loop by following @carabinercoffee on Instagram and Twitter and sign up for our weekly or monthly coffee subscription so you never run out of coffee again!

We’ll see ya out on the road everybody! Live your Dream & Love the Journey.



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