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The Importance of an Honest Answer

Do you want to do this? Think about it for a second… do you really want to do this? Whether its running it out 30 ft from your past piece to the anchors or its moving away from the mountains to take that higher paying job, you need to give yourself an honest answer and the honest answer isn’t always yes. It’s easy to mix up our personal goals with the goals that seem to make the rest of the world happy. We all know that running it out to the anchors would get the rest of your crew stoked, but is that worth you potentially taking a 60ft whipper? The same goes for a higher paying job in a place you aren’t happy to be moving to. The world is telling you that extra money in the bank every month is going to make life easier and give you more happiness, but is it really? We go outside and climb or bike or paddle because it makes us happy, not because it makes everyone else happy. We constantly get battered by epic tales of those who push it to the ultimate limit and it creates this false idea that unless we are willing to risk everything every time we go out, it’s not as fulfilling or meaningful. Man, that is just not true. Don’t forget that what makes someone else happy might not be what makes you happy, and THAT’S OK! It’s more than ok, it’s great! We are all here with different perspectives and different stoke about doing different things and that is why all of us who love to be outside get along so well. It’s not always about what we’re doing, it’s more about the fact that we’re syked to be doing it. Spread that love and be honest with yourself every time you go out. The more honest we are with ourselves and those around us the bigger our smiles tend to get. Go do what you love because you love to do it and know that that’s enough. Cheers!

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