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The Importance of Letting It Happen

So it’s all happened a lot differently so far than what you had planned, huh! Yeah me too. The more I talk with people about this the more I see we all seem to have this pre-written story that we came up with a long long time ago about what exactly our lives are going to turn out to be. The story is all about what we’ll do, who we’ll be, what we’ll like and why we’ll do all these things. The only thing is that this story we’ve had in the back of our minds since what, age 13, yeah that life is never going to happen! We have all written a script that we’re never going to live… and that’s OK! It might seem discouraging but when you think about it, its really the opposite. I find myself a lot of times trying to resist changes in my life solely because it might be what I had originally planned but in reality the best times of my life are the times that I never planned on having. It’s so important to take a breath and smile back at all the ways that your story has changed you into who you are and more importantly to love that story with every thing you have. It may not be the one you ever planned on telling but it’s the one that you get to love for the rest of your life. You may not be where you thought you’d be and buts all good because you are most definitely right where you’re supposed to be. Things are still going to happen that you had never planned on and life is going to put you in places you never imagined. I mean when did you ever think growing up that you’d be whipping through the air with only a rope attached to your waist 700ft off the ground or you’d ever feel what its like to breathe 4 miles about sea level? My only advice is that you admire the change and let it be happen. Since when has trying to over-control a situation ever turned out to be a good idea in life so far? Instead of trying to control your journey this coming next year make it a point to LOVE the journey that you’ll be going on over the next year. Letting to go of a little control in life is the best way to realize that you can handle anything. The important thing is to let yourself change, let life change you and love the beauty in all of it. Some days its hard and some days its easy but no matter what in the end its all pretty rad. With that, I hope everyone has a great New Years eve tonight! Give yourself permission to let life happen my friends. Its all love.

On a side note: One place I never thought life would bring me to is starting a coffee business out of a hippy van and now potentially opening a coffee shop on top of that!? I will be the first to say that life is indeed a mysterious and uncontrollable thing but it takes you to places you would never have imagined. If you have a few minutes I would love if you spent a few minutes with this video and checked out the Kickstarter campaign for this new venture! Your support means more than you know <3


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