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The Importance of Letting Yourself Go

You just watched the car drive away, full of gear and friends and stoke. You decided to stay though, because of that one thing. That one one thing that you have convinced yourself can’t wait or has to get done. Weather it’s going in for that extra day of work or its finishing that project you are feel like you need to finish. No matter what, that car drives away and you immediately have a pit in your stomach because you knew that you should have gotten in that car. That car was full of life and adventure and happiness. A happiness that comes from taking advantage of everyday you’re alive to go out and do something great, something that makes you feel alive. We hold ourselves back from so much by living like this. It can be hard sometimes to let yourself go and to give yourself permission to live life fully with no hesitation and no second thought that what you’re doing isn’t right or isn’t enough. If you are doing something that makes you happy, you are by all means enough! You’re not going to wake up when you’re 90 and say “Thank god I stayed back that day and got that work done”. Nope, you won’t even remember the days that you stayed back or even what you stayed back for. You will remember the days that you got in that car and chased happiness. We never know if that next adventure is going to change our life or not, but it very well might! Don’t pass on life when it’s given to you. The next time you get that call or that text asking if you want to go, wherever or whatever it is… Let Yourself Go! Do what makes you happy, and see how it makes everything else fall into place.

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