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The Importance of Picking Up That Sign

  • Over the years a lot of people have asked me why my open sign is split in two? I always have smile when I tell them the answer. The 1st day I ever went out and sold coffee I was so excited I forgot to take the open sign off the passenger side window. As I drove away from the scenic look out that I saw selling, the sign fell off and onto the middle of the road. Not noticing until the next day, I pulled up to the same spot and opened the door of the van eager for another day of chasing my dream. As I went to put out the open sign I realized my mistake from the day before. My eyes glanced at the road in front of me hoping for a sign (literally)… There it was. Split right down the middle with a tire track running across it. Slightly bummed, I chuckled to myself as I picked it up off the road and put it right back on the passenger side window where it belonged. I can’t help but think of how important the lesson of finding that sign again taught me that day. No matter what the obstacle, you can always pick yourself back up even if you are feeling broken. You can overcome anything if you simply put yourself back out there and keep following your dream. I’m reminded of that fact everyday I put out that sign.

    The importance of that lesson is so apparent in a life of adventure as well. I know this goes against the glorified perception of what a life of adventure means but a lot of times a life of adventure is a hard one. It requires countless hours of dedication, energy, perseverance and constant positive moral. So why do so many of us strive for a life like that? I ask myself this question all the time. We strive for it partly because it is built into who we are but also because we know what rewards come from those adventures. The ability to walk with adventure in our lives gives a beautiful perspective on what it means to accomplish something through uncertain circumstances. Without those adventures you wouldn’t know what its like to stand on top of a mountain with the angry winter wind at your back but still wearing a smile as you try to keep your balance in the gusting snow (and isn’t that what adventure looks like most of the time). There are many times in life and adventure that we are given the opportunity to give up. This importance lies in the decision to keep going, because if you don’t go you might never know what you will become because of it. You might never get to pick up that sign again.


  •  KICKSTARTER UPDATE! With almost $4,400 in backing towards the Kickstarter this morning I am feeling the same love that I feel when I look at that sign every morning. Thank you for another day of showing your support and believing in this dream as much as I do. It’s all love.
    If you have the time, reposting a picture of the van on your feed and tagging @carabinercoffee with a link to the Kickstarter would mean so much and would spread the word even farther. Your support continues to inspire every day.

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