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The Importance of Seeing The Sunrise

How long have you had that same thought that calmly waits in the back of your heart and holds a candle refusing to let it go out. I’m talking about that life change, that goal, that letting go or grabbing hold, that route or that trip that has never and most likely will never go away until you give it what it demands… and it is going to demand everything. That is because it is the thing you want with every part of your being. It’s the scariest thing you can do, its the longest journey you will ever go on and it has to be done. The thing that is going to get you through it though, is that candle that won’t go out. That light that is going to show you the way one step at a time. It will be brighter is some places and dimmer in others but it is never going to go out. The important thing is to breathe deep and take that candle into the night of what you want the most. With one foot in front of the other making your way, following what you can see and trusting in what you can’t. When you least expect it you’re going to look up and see the sun starting to rise on the new landscape of your life and I guarantee, you’ll never have a bigger smile on your face and in your soul than that moment. Here’s to you and your journey my friends, we’ll see you at the sunrise.

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